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Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak, also known as Mount Austin or simply The Peak, is the highest mountain on the island of Hong Kong with 552 meters in height. Today it has become the most tourist place in the region and receives seven million tourists each year.

From the peak it is possible to get the best views of the whole territory, which makes it the true lookout point of Hong Kong. Our recommendation would be to climb both day and night, or at least climb at dusk to enjoy the two versions of the views.

Given the large influx of tourists visiting Victoria Peak, two shopping and leisure centers have been built at the top; Peak Tower and Peak Galleria. In the first of them is the last stop of the funicular and from its terrace you get breathtaking views of the city. There are also several restaurants with incredible views.

A little further up is Sky Terrace 428, a panoramic terrace from which you get even better views. In this case the entrance fee is payable.

Although needless to say, you have to try to climb one day that is clear.

It is possible to climb to Victoria Peak using the funicular that has been running since 1888. Every day about 12,000 passengers use it, most of them tourists.

When you buy the ticket you can also buy the SkyPass. With this pass you will have access to the terrace at the top of the tower, from where you will get even better views.


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