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Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong History Museum

Hong Kong History Museum

With an area of ​​7,000 square meters, the Hong Kong Museum of History (Hong Kong Museum of History) shows the history of Hong Kong in a didactic and entertaining way describing the natural environment, popular culture and historical development along 400 million years.

The museum is divided into different spaces that illustrate the history of the city through representations, memories, photographs and videos. These are the parts in which it is divided:

  • The natural environment: Fossils, rocks, fauna and flora of Hong Kong's past.
  • Hong Kong Prehistoric: Representations and finds more than 6,000 years old.
  • The Dynasties: from the Han to the Quing: The evolution of southern China has an important relationship with the different dynasties.
  • Folk culture: Customs, traditions and celebrations of different ethnic groups in Hong Kong.
  • The Opium War and the Hong Kong Cession: Causes and Consequences of War.
  • Birth and first moments of the city: Representation of different parts of the city in its beginnings.
  • The Japanese occupation: Atmosphere of tension and occupation of the city by Japan.
  • Modern Metropolis and Return to China: Postwar Hong Kong grows into a vibrant modern metropolis.

The Hong Kong History Museum contains very visual displays that are interesting to get to know the city in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

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