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Shopping in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Antiques Market

Antiques Market

Hong Kong Antiques Market

Located on Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road, the Antique Market gathers antique shops and art galleries that allow you to find some treasures such as furniture, decorative items and handcrafted items of great beauty.

In addition to antiques and special items, you can also find interesting pieces of jade and embroidered and silk products.

During the 1920s, the neighborhood bazaar began selling antiques and second hand items. Soon after, the sale of stolen products, known in Cantonese as "rat goods", and its buyers as "cats" began, so that Upper Lascar Row Street began to be known as "Cat Street".

A very lively area

During the day the area attracts numerous shoppers and curious shoppers thanks to the antique shops while at nightfall the area closest to Central (known as Soho of Hong Kong) is lit with numerous designer bars Are filled with expatriates.

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