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Tai O

Tai O

Tai O

Located in the west of Lantau Island, Tai O is an old fishing village that has survived the passage of time while maintaining its traditional customs and appearance.

Tai O has a pleasant seafaring environment and its friendly inhabitants, the Tanka, are a fishing community that loves the sea and everything that brings them.

Away from the jungle of concrete and skyscrapers in Hong Kong, Tai O is a traditional place that retains its essence despite the continuous come and go of tourists looking for something special.

What to see in Tai O

Although a tour of Tai O makes the visit worthwhile from the outset, these are some of the more curious points:

  • Local specialties market: The village produces unusual delicacies with its fishing heritage in which spicy flavors flood different products, whether dried fish, salted fish or different pasta and shrimp sauces.
  • Palafitos: The houses of Tai O are an attraction in themselves since they are located on pillars or stakes in the water. The little houses located on the canals have a flimsy and decadent aspect that turns the village into the scenario worthy of a postcard.
  • Boat trip: It is pleasant to take a boat in the canals to contemplate the day to day of the inhabitants of the village. Numerous walks are offered and prices are always negotiable. With some luck it is possible to see the peculiar pink dolphins that inhabit the area.
  • Dragon Boat Aquatic Procession: The annual Dragon Boat Festival held in Tai O occupies the third place on China's national list of intangible cultural heritage. Known as Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade or Tai O Deities Parade, this religious ritual celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month consists of an aquatic procession of dragon boats to quell the ghosts of water.

How to reach Tai O

  • From Tung Chung: The number 11 bus will take you to Tai O. The ticket price is 11HKD (Sundays and holidays 18HKD) and the journey is about 40 minutes.
  • From Ngong Ping: Taking the visit to the Po Lin Monastery and the Great Buddha (Tian Tan), you can take the bus 21 which will take you directly to Tai O. The ticket price is 6,6HKD (14HKD Sundays and bank holidays) Journey is about 15 minutes.

An unexpected and authentic corner

Tai O is able to surprise even the most skeptical simply with the charm of the village itself. It is an ideal destination to spend a few hours away from the bustling center of Hong Kong while enjoying its pleasant and unhurried atmosphere.

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